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Learn about working with clients with FASD at our Workshop (and earn 5 CEUs).

Do you find yourself wondering …


  • Why does this client not improve?
  • Why can she give me the right answers but can’t carry them out?
  • Is something else going on besides ADHD, ODD, and OCD in this client?
  • At 18, why is he acting like a 10-year-old?
Training for Social Service Providers. The "Demystifying FASD" workshop will help you work with FASD clients.

The CDC tells us 1 in 20 children are born from an alcohol-exposed pregnancy. Perhaps your client’s behaviors are due to the diffuse brain damage caused by prenatal alcohol exposure.

They might have FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders). The DoubleARC Center for FASD has a multi-disciplinary FASD  Diagnostic Team to help.

This training will help you understand FASD. We will discuss cause, prevalence and behavioral presentation of FASD and will introduce basic strategies.  Double ARC staff will assist participants in creating strategies and applying knowledge to their practice.  Screening and brief interventions will be presented as a means of preventing FASD.

When:   TBD

Where:   TBD

 Who:      Social Service Professionals, Education Professionals

 Why:      1 in 20 children may be affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), yet many are never diagnosed

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For more information or with question contact Bre Megyesi, MSW, LSW at (419) 890-1225 or e-mail


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