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Confused or frustrated by your child’s behavior?  Looking for ways to help your child succeed in school and life?  Has your family member been diagnosed with an FASD or do you suspect prenatal alcohol exposure?  Triumph Today, is just what you need.

Developed by Double ARC, nationally recognized experts in the field of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), this 16-segment online training series gives you the tools and techniques you need to understand FASD and to help create structures and strategies to bring success to your family member with the disorder.

Topics range from a description of the disorder and its impact on the brain, to characteristics and resulting behaviors, to specific techniques to deal with difficult behaviors.  Individual segments cover such topics as special education, discipline, meltdowns, technology, planning and how to deal with the many professionals who treat and support your family member.

Based on their previous print curriculum developed with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), members of the Double ARC staff and guest parent presenters bring you current information as well as time-tried techniques to assist you and your family member in negotiating the confusing and often stressful path through FASD with success and confidence.

The entire staff at Double ARC invites you to browse the website, to view the introductory video and then to join them on the way to success by participating in Triumph Today.

Double ARC is pleased to bring this new format for our nationally recognized parent curriculum.

We have worked with children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders for over 25 years.

We diagnose, provide ongoing family engagement and support, host a free online support group and provide training to teachers, medical professionals, social service providers and parents.

The strategies you will find in these videos have been used successfully by families for decades.  The series will help you understand how the brain is affected by prenatal alcohol exposure and how your child’s behaviors, memory, social skills and day-to-day living may be impacted. You will also receive practical tips and resources to help you parent your child.

 Activate our free Introductory Video Now – This video will introduce you to the experts who will present the videos.

Also free are edited clips of some of our modules so you will see the quality instruction that can be yours at your fingertips.

Please note that the videos are copyrighted material so they are not to be shown to groups without our permission.

Special rates are available for group sessions.

Please contact Sr. Suzette Fisher at (419) 890-1290 or by email at to inquire about group rates.

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The DoubleARC Center for FASD

The  Double ARC Center for FASD is a non- profit organization that serves children with FASD.  Purchasing a video helps support our work for needy families. Our generous donors have provided a scholarship to help if you can’t afford to purchase a course.  Apply for a scholarship with the button at right.

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