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Does your child …

Act without thinking … impulsive

Have poor judgement

Act younger than his/her chronological age

Have processing deficits & memory problems

Have “on” and “off” days (inconsistent performance)

Lack problem solving skills

Have problems connecting cause and effect (behavior with consequences)

Have trouble learning or understanding money, time, ownership

Have difficulty transitioning from one thought or activity to another

Retain the innocence of a six year old into adolescence and adulthood

Can your child …

Recite the rules or give appropriate answers – but if questioned further has no understanding of what they are saying and cannot move from words to action

Is your child …

Easily taken advantage of – does he/she take the blame for others

Charming and outgoing, but lacks social skills

Clueless: Requires more information in a situation to understand what to do than the average individual of their age; he/she must be directly taught what others learn from context.

Creative, musical or artistic

Helpful, wants to please others

If you know or think your child was exposed to alcohol during pregnancy and exhibits some or all of these signs, contact us:

Bre Megyesi, MSW,LSW at (419) 890-1225 or by email at

Sr. Suzette Fisher, SND, M.Ed.,Ed.S. at (419) 890-1290 or by email at

Or use our online intake form here: